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Electric Torsion Shear Wrench, Electric Torque Wrench, Torsion Breaker, Constant Torque Electric Wrench
Jinan Gaoshuan Fastening Power Tools Co., Ltd. Mobile phone: 13356679705 15168875511
Phone: 0531-67665909
Fax: 0531-88925909
Address: No. 252 Shanda Road, Jinan City
Company Profile
Jinan Gaoshuan Fastening Power Tools Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture integrating production, sales and research and development. The company specializes in the production of electric torque wrenches, twist breakers, torsional shear type electric wrenches , fixed torque electric wrenches , electric torsional wrenches , torsional wrenches and other products, which are widely used in power construction, metallurgy construction, bridge construction, high-rise construction, chemical construction And other steel structure industries. After years of market development, both in electric torsional shear wrenches, fixed torque electric wrenches, electric torque wrenches, torque breaker quality and after-sales service enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.
The company has an administrative department, a production department, a research and development department, a finance department, a sales department, and an after-sales service department.
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Torsion breaker , Torsion Shear Electric Wrench , Constant Torque Electric Wrench , Electric Torsion Shear Wrench , Electric Torque Wrench , Torsion Shear Wrench -88925909 Address: No. 252 Shanda Road, Jinan City, Chongqing ICP No. 09049301
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